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Article series: A History of User Security That's Brought Us To Needing A New Approach
by Kevin McAleavey, KNOS Chief Architect

Part One: Throwing In The Towel: The Sorry State Of Client Security
Part Two: The Birth Of the Antivirus Industry
Part Three: The Demise Of the Antivirus Industry
Part Four: The Best And Most Secure Windows OS Ever
Part Five: Seven Security Blankets And I'm Still Short-Sheeted
Part Six: Solving The End User Problem
"KNOS enables us to protect our clients' personal and financial information"...Dennis Maier, Chief broker,

KNOS has been created by Kevin and Nancy McAleavey, creators of the very first browser cookie cleaner software known as NSClean back in 1997 when Nancy McAleavey incorporated "Privacy Software Corporation" and served as its CEO and public guru in order to distribute the NSClean privacy software for Netscape which Kevin and his crew designed and provided support for. In subsequent years, we created IEClean for Internet Explorer, FileVac which provided the highest degree of secure file deletion and disk wiping capabilities, and in 1999 added the BOClean antimalware software to eliminate trojans and other malware, protecting Windows users' privacy and security. Our products sold for well over ten years to individuals, corporations, military and other customers until Privacy Software Corporation was acquired.

Our expertise in internet privacy and security date back to the earliest days of the public internet. Kevin's experience with the internet date back to milnet and arpanet when he built server networks for the state of New York, and further back when Kevin and Nancy operated a public dialup BBS in the earliest days of popular home computing. Nancy is the creative force and artist behind the appearance of our product, and once again Kevin serves as the builder of the code and the toolkit which makes KNOS what it is.

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