KNOS Secure Desktop

NEW! 2012-13 Edition

KNOS Secure Desktop is the alternative operating system you've been hoping for. Easy to use and install in a variety of configurations, it's secure, light on resources and it doesn't transform your computer into one huge phone. Our robust applications provide the full functionality that you've expected from your laptops and desktops for years. Includes downloadable RAR (to ISO) file, instructions for burning DVD, manual, support, downloadable updates and upgrades. Order the KNOS Secure Desktop now by clicking below.

One Year Subscription $34.99 ~ KNOS with EDS subscription service

Educational/Industrial/Business Users:

KNOS is a customizable, secure, easy to use system that optimizes its value in time saved administering to your network clients throughout your organization. We offer a wide range of options. Our customizations can support your existing software infrastructure, reducing your expenditures on both software and user training. Click below to find out more. Let us know what your basic needs are and we will reply with an estimate.